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24 March 2010 @ 10:42 pm
Mod Post  
Hello All -

Unfortunatly, this community has been rather inactive of late. I don't know if it's because of a lack of members or lack of time, but I know it can't be lack of love for our beloved Garou! So, here's just a small mods post to encourage activity and hopefully bump this thing to life.

Anything Garou-related is welcome here: from graphics, to fanmixes, to reviews, to fangirly squeel-rants about our man. I'm particularly suprised there hasn't been much talk of Garou's newest ablum, Gentleman Cambrioleur. I would love to hear everyone's thoughts on it and see a review or few posted.

Also, spread the word about this community to everyone who might be interested! The more members, the better! :D

To help get activity up, here's an (optional) meme for the members to fill out:

1. All-time favorite song of Garou (video clip optional)?
2. What song would you most like to see him cover?
3. Have you seen/are seeing him live?
4. Favorite music video of Garou's? (video clip optional)
5. Favorite Garou-moment? (Can be a personal experience, a funny conversation you had about him, a video clip, a picture - whatever you want!)
6. Favorite picture of Garou?
7. Do you perfer his music in French or English?
8. If he were to continue his theatre career, what role (other then Quasimodo!) would you like to see him play?

Spread the "loup" love around! Icon!Garou commands you to!