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28 September 2009 @ 11:59 am
♥ Name, Age, Location, Gender?

Name: Sabrina
Age: 18
Location: Florida
Gender: Female

♥ How did you find out about Garou?

It's funny you should mention this!

My sister was beta-ing a story by a Swedish girl, and at some point I think sis mentioned liking Lara Fabian, to which the Swedish girl responded, "Oh, have you ever heard of Garou? [insert praise here]"

She sent us the song "Belle," which we fell in love with. We then got into Notre-Dame de Paris, and from there checked out Garou's other work. :>

♥ Favorite song? Album?

This is a tough choice! :c

I really like his album Seul, some of my favourites from that being "Gitan," "Que l'amour est violent," "Je n'attendais que vous" "Criminel" (omg, it makes me swoon every time~) and "Lis dans les yeux".

I like "Stand Up" from Piece of My Soul, as well.

♥ Why do you love him?

He's genuinely nice - he's talented and good-looking, but for all the reasons in the world to be proud and standoffish, he's so utterly charming and down-to-earth~♥

♥ Anything else, bb. ♥

I'm looking forward to seeing there this community goes! :>

Also, first entry woot! (I think...)
28 September 2009 @ 10:48 am
Bonjour! Welcome to azure_desire, the only community dedicated to Garou! Here you'll find graphics, news, memes, and other stuff! Join, and spread the Garou love.

♥ Name, Age, Location, Gender?
♥ How did you find out about Garou?
Favorite song? Album?
Why do you love him?
♥ Anything else, bb.


♥ Tag your posts.
♥ No bashing of Garou or anyone.
♥ Questions? Contact a mod.
♥ Use a lj cut. Don't know how? Google it.
♥ Icon posts must have a max of four preview icons.
♥ Your first post here should be the questionaire.
♥ Have fun.